Literacy Footprints Digital Reader

The Literacy Footprints Digital Reader (subscription version) provides digital access for students and teachers to read the titles and use the corresponding lesson cards that comprise each of the Literacy Footprints classroom sets. The Digital Reader provides a digital classroom that aligns with the Literacy Footprints Complete System of Guided Reading. It will enhance the use of Literacy Footprints print kits but can also be used as a stand-alone digital product with some adjustments to the lessons.

teachers are able to use the digital books to share via online instruction by way of their own prerecorded lessons, or they can assign titles for the student to retrieve and read through the student’s own account access. Books may only be read when logged into this account-based website platform; the titles are not available for download.


  • All the titles and lesson plans for each LFP grade level set, available digitally
  • Easy to organize each digital classroom into small groups
  • Teachers manage the independent books accessible for each student by level
  • Teachers assign books for students to read instructionally
  • Teachers and administrators can easily access data with reading logs for each student
  • Includes recorded 3-part video lessons for at least one book per level

Enhanced Features (new for the subscription version):

  • Lesson plans based on the basic format of Literacy Footprints but specifically written for remote instruction
  • Easy to upload student accounts into a classroom
  • Teacher assigns username and password to streamline student access
  • Student account privacy built-in
  • Includes Running Record templates for at least one title per level
  • Links with our student data tracking system
  • Upgrade available to link digitally with the new Literacy Footprints Guided Reading Assessment

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