School Based Seminars

Engaging Readers in Making Meaning

At the heart of reading is making meaning from it. Guided reading provides teachers with wonderful opportunities for helping students to extend their understanding of the text. In this workshop teachers will explore how to hold purposeful conversations that engage students in sharing ideas and how to implement effective comprehension strategies recommended in Jan Richardson’s book The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading.

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Building Strategic Readers

During the first reading of the book, teachers listen and support students. There is a delicate balance between helping and not helping enough. Learning how to listen and make quick decisions about what to prompt for takes time and practice. In this session teachers will learn more about the art of prompting for strategic action.

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Getting Started with Literacy Footprints

In this workshop teachers will be introduced to elements of a successful guided reading lesson and the tools and procedures used in Literacy Footprints lessons. Options include the modeling of lessons with students at your school and guided practice of fine-tuning lessons with books and lessons across the gradient of text levels.

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Using Running Records to Inform Teaching

Many schools now use running record assessments to monitor student progress and establish instructional and independent reading levels. But running records can also provide teachers with a powerful tool for guided instruction. This workshop can be designed to meet the specific needs of your teachers from how to code, score, and analyze a running record to how to link this powerful assessment to guide instruction and develop new understandings about the reading process. In addition, teachers will learn the importance of how to use running records for dynamic grouping and regrouping of students.

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Guiding Readers During Guided Reading

The teaching decisions within the guided reading lesson play a critical role in helping students gain flexible reading strategies that allow them to read more challenging text. Students need to learn to solve new words, monitor and correct their reading, and search for and use a variety of information. This workshop will help build teachers’ expertise at observing and responding to students as they read.

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Word Study

Word study is a very short part of the guided reading lesson that allows teachers the opportunity to provide explicit instruction in phonics and word-solving skills. Each Literacy Footprints lesson provides a suggested word-solving activity. These activities are based on the challenges found at the text level. The activities shift as the text levels become more challenging. In this workshop teachers will learn how to use each of the activities and how to adapt the activities as needed based on their group’s specific processing needs.

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Teaching Struggling Readers

Students making slow progress present extra challenges for teachers. Many of our consultants have specialized training in helping teachers learn how to help the lowest-achieving students make faster progress. In this workshop teachers will learn specific strategies to address the needs of struggling readers and how to use the Literacy Footprints procedures to bring these students up to grade level.

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Guiding Writers During Guided Reading

Guided writing provides an opportunity to support students as they write about a book they have just read. It is assisted writing, not assigned or independent writing. The entire written response is completed during the guided reading lesson. In this workshop teachers will learn how to provide assistance to students as they write, including how to provide appropriate scaffolding that develops students’ skill in word solving and composing.

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