2. Launching Literacy Footprints: Second Grade and Third Grade Kits (Target Audience: Early and Transitional Readers)

Early and Transitional readers need to solidify their self-extending processing system and develop more complex reading skills. This session focuses on teaching Early and Transitional readers using Literacy Footprints materials. Each framework follows a three-pronged approach integrating reading, word study, and writing skills and strategies, all aligned with the literacy continuum. Following explicit demonstration of each integral part, participants will engage in active participation and coaching, leaving confident and ready to teach small-group guided reading to Early and Transitional readers.

How to schedule a professional learning session

  • Monday through Friday
  • 9 am to 5 pm EST

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Guided writing is a
part of every Literacy
Footprints lesson.

It provides a supported
opportunity for students to
gain additional experience
writing about text.