Books contained in the Literacy Footprints Complete K–4 Collection

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The Inuit (Level S)

The Sunbird (Level S)

Hurricane Maria: Disaster in Puerto Rico (Level S)

Oki and the Baby Seal (Level S)

Hurricane Evacuation (Level S)

Gator Trappers (Level S)

The Truth about Pluto (Level S)

The Driver (Level S)

The Last Bicycle (Level S)

Odysseus and the Cyclops (Level S)

Perseus and Medusa (Level T)

The Flying Test (Level T)

Ahimsa (Level T)

Nelson Mandela (Level T)

From Scratch (Level T)

Welcome to the Circus (Level T)

The Circus Is in Town (Level T)

Vampire Spiders (Level T)

Earthquakes: Rocking Our World (Level T)

The Gold Locket (Level T)

Emily's Mom (Level U)

Nature's Perfect Partners (Level U)

Cat People, Dog People, Gecko People (Level U)

Mountain Climbing: Dangerous and Deadly (Level U)

Theseus and the Minotaur (Level U)

Wildfires (Level U)

Benny's Pet (Anthologies U: Strange Creatures) (Level U)

The Quest for the Giant Squid (Anthologies U: Strange Creatures) (Level U)

Flesh Eaters (Anthologies U: Strange Creatures) (Level U)

Rampaging Reptiles (Anthologies U: Strange Creatures) (Level U)

Once They All Believed in Dragons (Anthologies U: Strange Creatures) (Level U)

Good as Gold (Level V)

Pirates: Robbers at Sea (Level V)

The Ghost of Blackbeard (Level V)

Spies of the American Revolution (Level V)

Beneath the Ocean Waves (Level V)

Salamander Crossing (Level V)

A Ring for All (Anthologies V: Passion for Play) (Level V)

Real Sports, Virtual Reality (Anthologies V: Passion for Play) (Level V)

It's Not Just a Game (Anthologies V: Passion for Play) (Level V)

Smooth Sailing (Anthologies V: Passion for Play) (Level V)

The Arrow and the Song (Anthologies V: Passion for Play) (Level V)

Understanding Dolphins (Level W)

Plants That Poison (Level W)

Bellerophon and Pegasus the Flying Horse (Level W)

Futuristic Farming (Level W)

Smart Houses (Level W)

The Call to Fight: Slave Rebellions (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

Abolitionists Join the Struggle (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

The Louisiana Bayou: Part 1 (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

The Louisiana Bayou: Part 2 (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

Under Siege (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

Bury Me in a Free Land (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom) (Level W)

Amazing Migrations (Level X)

Daredevils Who Conquered the Skies (Level X)

Scarecrows (Level X)

The Age of Castles (Level X)

Japanese American Internment (Level X)

Working on the Railroad (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

The Mop Bucket Encore (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

The Last Gobble (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

Immigrants from around the World (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

Gateway to America (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

Hauntings (Anthologies X: How I Became an American) (Level X)

Riding Rockets (Level Y)

The Wooden Apple (Level Y)

Gemstones and Jewels (Level Y)

The Spider Beast (Level Y)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Level Y)

Artificial Body Parts (Level Y)

Two Dollars (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands) (Level Y)

At Your Service! (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands) (Level Y)

The Measure of a Hero (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands) (Level Y)

Lending a Hairy Hand (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands) (Level Y)

The Bridge Builder (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands) (Level Y)

Look, No Hands! (Level Z)

Composting (Level Z)

Two Violins (Level Z)

Holocaust Rescuers (Level Z)

The Iroquois Confederacy (Level Z)

Baboon for President: Long Live the Queen Bee (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

Driving for the Vote (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

Joining the Fight (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

One Vote (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

A Long, Hard March (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

Song for Equal Suffrage (Anthologies Z: Voting Rights) (Level Z)

Choose a Pet (Level A)

Find the Kittens (Level A)

Insects (Level A)

Look at This Mess (Level A)

Looking Out (Level A)

My Community (Level A)

Snowboarding (Level A)

Super Sam Has Fun (Level A)

Animal Race (Level B)

Baby Animals and Their Mothers (Level B)

Can We Play (Level B)

Counting with Rosie (Level B)

Fruit Salad (Level B)

How Many? (Level B)

Marvin Dresses Up (Level B)

Opposites (Level B)

Snow Fun (Level B)

Vehicles (Level B)

Where Are We? (Level B)

Where is My Dog? (Level B)

A Carpenter's Tools (Level C)

A Dinosaur Snack (Level C)

A Season of Trees (Level C)

Bella's Dinner (Level C)

Colors (Level C)

Come Here, Puppy (Level C)

Fabulous Frogs (Level C)

Fun in the Snow (Level C)

Jasper the Fat Cat (Level C)

Making Pizza (Level C)

My Dog (Level C)

Oliver Has a Snack (Level C)

Stargazers (Level C)

The Chicks Are Hatching (Level C)

The Gingerbread Boy (Level C)

The Three Little Pigs (Level C)

The Water Park (Level C)

We Love to Swim (Level C)

A Hungry Puppy (Level D)

Basketball (Level D)

Bella's Bone (Level D)

Big Trucks (Level D)

Georgie Giraffe, the Detective (Level D)

Giraffes (Level D)

Hermit Crabs (Level D)

How to Grow a Carrot (Level D)

In the Forest (Level D)

Jack and the Bean Stalk (Level D)

Jack the Cowboy (Level D)

Lost in the Jungle (Level D)

Nap Time for Gilbert (Level D)

No Cookies Before Dinner (Level D)

The Loose Tooth (Level D)

The Missing Earrings (Level D)

The Missing Puppy (Level D)

Where Are the Baby Chicks? (Level D)

Where is My Hat? (Level D)

A Birthday Present for Spaceboy (Level E)

A Walk for Jasper (Level E)

Bully Dinosaur (Level E)

Castles (Level E)

Fireflies (Level E)

Gilbert the Pig Wears a Dress (Level E)

Jack's New Skates (Level E)

Lost in the Woods (Level E)

Our Senses (Level E)

Santa's Suit (Level E)

Shooting Hoops (Level E)

Spaceboy Finds a Friend (Level E)

The Sky is Falling (Level E)

The Space Fort (Level E)

Whitewater Rafting (Level E)

You Can Save Energy (Level E)

A Tower of Pillows (Level F)

All About Cars (Level F)

Bella and Rosie Love the Fall (Level F)

Gilbert Goes on a Picnic (Level F)

Help for Santa (Level F)

How to Catch a Fish (Level F)

Little Dinosaur The Hero (Level F)

Making Maple Syrup (Level F)

Pickles Helps Out (Level F)

Quack Goes Camping (Level F)

Sea Stars (Level F)

Swimming in the City (Level F)

A Mouse in the House (Level G)

A New Friend at the Beach (Level G)

Cookies for Santa (Level G)

Fantastic Fish (Level G)

How to Give Your Dog a Bath (Level G)

Puppy Trouble (Level G)

Rosie Feels Sick (Level G)

Sleep Tight, Spaceboy (Level G)

Spiders (Level G)

The Fishing Adventure (Level G)

The Lost Valentines (Level G)

Too Cold (Level G)

A Cape for Daisy (Level H)

Dinosaurs and Fossils (Level H)

Pencils for Tidbit and Morsel (Level H)

Petting Gilbert (Level H)

Riding Bicycles (Level H)

Space Fairy (Level H)

The Seashell (Level H)

The Shoemaker and the Elves (Level H)

The Story of the Three Bears (Level H)

Where Does Your Pizza Come From? (Level H)

Adventure in the Purple Forest (Level I)

Firefighters (Level I)

Gilbert the Pig Has an Adventure (Level I)

Going to School (Level I)

In the Ocean (Level I)

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (Level I)

Math Tricks (Level I)

Robots (Level I)

Seasons (Level I)

Space Monster's Birthday Party (Level I)

The Ugly Duckling (Level I)

A World of Squirrels (Level J)

All About Soccer (Level J)

Apples for Santa (Level J)

Cats (Level J)

Creepy, Crawly Caterpillars (Level J)

Daisy's Airplane Trip (Level J)

The Thunderstorm (Level J)

Trouble for Jasper (Level J)

Daisy to the Rescue (Level K)

Keeping Watch (Level K)

Quack the Brave Duck (Level K)

The Princess and the Pea (Level K)

Amiga (Level O)

Boogers at Work (Level O)

Brave Dog (Level O)

Learning From the Masters (Anthologies O: Home Sweet Home) (Level O)

Made of Mud (Anthologies O: Home Sweet Home) (Level O)

Making a Place for Bikes (Level O)

Monkey Trouble (Level O)

Mush! (Level O)

Native American Homes Long Ago (Anthologies O: Home Sweet Home) (Level O)

Nerve (Level O)

Benjamin Franklin (Level P)

Bitter Chocolate (Anthologies P: Making Life Sweeter) (Level P)

Bug Bites (Level P)

From Wild to Mild (Level P)

Mighty Brave Girls (Level P)

Milton Hershey: Founder of the Hershey Company (Anthologies P: Making Life Sweeter) (Level P)

Quynh and the Golden Gate (Level P)

School of Freedom (Level P)

The Sweet Surprise of Spring (Anthologies P: Making Life Sweeter) (Level P)

Two Thirty Crossing (Level P)

Beetle Blisters (Anthologies Q: What Made Me Sick?) (Level Q)

Betsy and Sal (Level Q)

Can We Be Too Clean? (Anthologies Q: What Made Me Sick?) (Level Q)

Fairy-Tale Science (Level Q)

Frog Tank Fever (Anthologies Q: What Made Me Sick?) (Level Q)

From Wolf to Woof (Level Q)

Gone Forever (Level Q)

Say What, Horse? (Level Q)

Spring Fever (Level Q)

The Fire on the Mountain (Level Q)

An Important Partnership with Coral Reefs (Anthologies R: A Warmer World) (Level R)

Cool Roofs (Anthologies R: A Warmer World) (Level R)

Count Your Blessings (Level R)

Dances with Animals (Level R)

Harnessing the Sun (Anthologies R: A Warmer World) (Level R)

Hunger Around the World (Level R)

Say Cheese! (Level R)

The Shrimp and the Four Secrets (Level R)

What's That Noise? (Level R)

Working Days (Level R)

Cars Get Smart (Level S)

Christa McAuliffe, Teacher Astronaut (Anthologies S: Up In Space) (Level S)

Don't Fly Me to the Moon (Anthologies S: Up In Space) (Level S)

Living on the International Space Station (Anthologies S: Up In Space) (Level S)

Moving to Mars (Level S)

Shadow (Level S)

Vanishing Coasts (Level S)

Who Turned on the Faucet? (Level S)

Who's Hiding in the Spy Museum? (Level S)

Yao and the Egg Pirates (Level S)

Back Door Sugar (Anthologies T: It's Our Right) (Level T)

Birmingham Children's Crusade (Anthologies T: It's Our Right) (Level T)

Civil Rights (Level T)

Hot Lunch (Level T)

Ida Takes a Stand (Anthologies T: It's Our Right) (Level T)

Life Is Electric (Level T)

Noah Count and the Arkansas Ark (Level T)

Rivers: The Source of Life (Level T)

Robot Roaches (Level T)

Three Aunties (Level T)

Now I Know My ABCs

At the Aquarium (Level A)

Birthday Time (Level A)

Busy Clarence (Level A)

Clarence's House (Level A)

Dad is at Work (Level A)

Daisy the Pirate (Level A)

Dinner Time for Bella and Rosie (Level A)

Dogs Having Fun (Level A)

Dragon Toys (Level A)

Everything Orange (Level A)

Farm Animals (Level A)

Flying with Super Sam (Level A)

Fun at School (Level A)

Going Places (Level A)

Going Up with Super Sam (Level A)

I Can Do It (Level A)

Jaxson's Animals (Level A)

Landforms (Level A)

Let's Go with Super Sam (Level A)

Look Who's Reading (Level A)

Marvin Has Fun (Level A)

Oliver Can Paint (Level A)

Oliver's Favorite Things (Level A)

Parts of a Plant (Level A)

Ready to Trick-or-Treat (Level A)

Rosie Likes Pink (Level A)

Rosie's Pink Friends (Level A)

Run (Level A)

Super Sam (Level A)

Super Sam's Family (Level A)

Swimming Together (Level A)

Underwater (Level A)

We Like Sunglasses (Level A)

What Can Climb? (Level A)

What Can Fly? (Level A)

What's the Weather Today? (Level A)

Animal Tails (Level B)

A Snack for Gilbert (Level B)

A Sweater for Oliver (Level B)

Beach Time for Clarence (Level B)

Bella's Busy Day (Level B)

Camouflage (Level B)

Clarence is Flying (Level B)

How Do We Get There? (Level B)

Look Up (Level B)

Lovely Flowers (Level B)

Marvin's Friends (Level B)

Playing Together (Level B)

Reading Buddies (Level B)

Switzerland (Level B)

The Bus Ride (Level B)

We Like Hats (Level B)

Baseball (Level C)

Bella and Rosie at the Beach (Level C)

Bella's Birthday (Level C)

Dogs (Level C)

Emily's Babysitter (Level C)

I Can Fly (Level C)

In the Pond (Level C)

Let's Fly (Level C)

Look Out for Space Monster (Level C)

Look Out for the Lion (Level C)

Splashing Dad (Level C)

The Firefighter (Level C)

The Little Red Hen (Level C)

The Rain Forest (Level C)

The Van (Level C)

What's for Dinner (Level C)

Animal Tricks (Level D)

Bella and Rosie Play Hide and Seek (Level D)

Cat Naps with Oliver (Level D)

Catching Fireflies (Level D)

Firefighters to the Rescue (Level D)

Grandma's House (Level D)

Grizzly Bears (Level D)

Helicopters (Level D)

Hide and Seek with Oliver (Level D)

Kittens (Level D)

Spaceboy Plays Hide and Seek (Level D)

Swimming with Mermaids (Level D)

The Goats (Level D)

The Lost Bear (Level D)

The Monarch Butterfly (Level D)

Where is Mother Duck? (Level D)

A Picnic Lunch (Level E)

Dogs or Cats? (Level E)

Fun at the Beach (Level E)

Going Fishing (Level E)

Horseback Riding (Level E)

Party Clothes (Level E)

Play With Me (Level E)

Rosie is Cold (Level E)

The Lost Money (Level E)

Where is Santa? (Level E)

A Job for Little Elf (Level F)

Emily Can't Sleep (Level F)

Puppies (Level F)

Quack's Red Boots (Level F)

The Sledding Adventure (Level F)

A Trip to the Beach (Level F)

Horses (Level F)

Lemonade for Gilbert (Level F)

Super Sam and Scout (Level F)

Super Sam and the Kitten (Level F)

The Super Dog Club (Level F)

Gabby Runs Away (Level G)

Garbage to Garden (Level G)

In the Desert (Level G)

Michael and the Chicks (Level G)

Pickles Gets Lost (Level G)

Puppies for Rosie (Level G)

Snakes (Level G)

Super Sam and the Bullies (Level G)

The Big Wave (Level G)

The Sand Castle (Level G)

The Sleepover (Level G)

The Snowstorm (Level G)

Tucker the Lost Puppy (Level G)

Bella is a Bad Dog (Level H)

Gilbert the Special Pig (Level H)

Hatching Chicks (Level H)

Help for Rosie (Level H)

In the Rain Forest (Level H)

Little Dinosaur's Skateboard (Level H)

Sea Horses (Level H)

The Dog Cookie (Level H)

The Milkmaid and Her Pail (Level H)

The Ocean (Level H)

Amazing Lizards (Level I)

George Washington (Level I)

Goodbye Gabby (Level I)

Ice Cream for Jack and Daisy (Level I)

Jack and the Fox (Level I)

Jasper and the Kitten (Level I)

More Trouble (Level I)

Skateboarding (Level I)

The New House (Level I)

Tidbit and Morsel Play Games (Level I)

A Wild Animal (Level J)

Abraham Lincoln (Level J)

Baby Stegosaurus (Level J)

Butterflies (Level J)

Goldie and the Fawn (Level J)

Hungry Holidays for Bella and Rosie (Level J)

On the Arctic Tundra (Level J)

Pets (Level J)

The Deer Report (Level J)

The Fawn (Level J)

A World of Worms (Level K)

All About Deer (Level K)

Caring for Your Dog (Level K)

Casey and the Nest (Level K)

Cinderella (Level K)

Jane Goodall (Level K)

Life in a Tide Pool (Level K)

Pandas (Level K)

The Mother Goose Caper (Level K)

The New Chicks (Level K)

Thumbelina (Level K)

Beauty and the Beast (Level L)

Big Machines (Level L)

Extreme Sports (Level L)

Dirty and Wet Dogs (Level L)

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice (Level L)

Penguins: Flightless Birds of the Sea (Level L)

Quack and the Worm (Level L)

Sleeping Beauty (Level L)

The Big Game (Level L)

The Bubble Gum Contest (Level M)

The Camping Trip (Level L)

All About Honeybees (Level M)

Bella and Rosie Solve a Mystery (Level M)

Caves (Level M)

Crows (Level M)

Harriet Tubman (Level M)

Hurricane Katrina Dogs (Level M)

Oki and the Polar Bear (Level N)

Pete Penguin and the Bullies (Level M)

Polar Bears (Level M)

Pulleys: Simple Machines in Our World (Level M)

Runaway Slave (Level N)

The Halloween Caper (Level M)

The Road Trip (Level M)

The Space Zoo (Level M)

A Friend for Mia (Level N)

Bella's Big Adventure (Level N)

Daisy and the Super Dog Cape (Level N)

Rocky Mountain National Park (Level N)

The Cave at Rattlesnake Mountain (Level N)

A New Dog (Level L)

A Playdate with Tucker (Level L)

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (Level L)

Alone at Home (Level L)

City Cousin (Level L)

Cricket the Dog (Level L)

Henry's Ghost / Bird Feathers (Level L)

Ice Hockey (Level L)

The Ice Rink (Level L)

A New Leader for the Troop (Level M)

Anna Helps Out (Level M)

Gorillas (Level M)

Gymnastics (Level M)

Mrs. Warren's House / Bird Beaks (Level M)

Saving the Baby Turtles (Level M)

The Bedouin Boy (Level M)

The Emperor's New Clothes (Level M)

The Lion and the Hare, an Old Fable from Ancient China (Level M)

Brer Rabbit and the Well (Level N)

Curious Cats (Level N)

Flight of the Spy Pigeon (Level N)

Magnificent Manatees (Level N)

Snow Cats (Level N)

Stars and Constellations (Level N)

The Big Rescue (Level N)

The Rescue of Dindim the Penguin (Level N)

Trains (Level N)

William and the Train Ride (Level N)

A Secret Message (Level O)

All About Koalas (Level O)

Expedition to the Moon (Level O)

How Did You Hear That? (Level O)

Landforms Around the World (Level O)

Newborn Kits (Level O)

Reuse and Recycle (Level O)

The Dive (Level O)

The Great Horned Owl Rescue (Level O)

Triathlon (Level O)

Yeh-Shen, a Chinese Cinderella Story (Level O)

A Present for Granny / Bird Nests (Level P)

A World of Spies (Level P)

Anna's Prize (Level P)

Fishing for Jacks (Level P)

How Magnets Work (Level P)

Pearl Diving (Level P)

School for Spies (Level P)

The Mail (Level P)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Level P)

Under the Sea (Level P)

Amphibians: Creatures of Land and Water (Level Q)

Dragon Eye (Level Q)

Flying Spies (Level Q)

How Coyote Brought Fire to the People (Level Q)

Paco Saves the Day (Level Q)

Rattlesnakes: The Snakes with the Noisy Tails (Level Q)

The Pink Pearl (Level Q)

Two Toes / Bird Feet (Level Q)

Volcanoes (Level Q)


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