Books contained in the Literacy Footprints Intervention Partner Kit

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Quack the Duck (Level Beginner Steps)

Dad (Level Beginner Steps)

Busy Dad (Level Beginner Steps)

Mom (Level Beginner Steps)

Dad's Turkey Sandwich (Level Beginner Steps)

Recess (Level Beginner Steps)

Jack's Favorite Things (Level Beginner Steps)

Community Helpers (Level Beginner Steps)

Who Can Read? (Level Beginner Steps)

My Classroom (Level Beginner Steps)

Time for School (Level Beginner Steps)

Mom Likes Hats (Level Beginner Steps)

Fun with Mom (Level A)

Snacks for Porcupine (Level A)

Mom Gets Ready (Level A)

Parts of the Body (Level A)

Playtime in the Garden (Level A)

Little Knight (Level A)

Where Are the Hamsters? (Level A)

My Teacher (Level A)

Our Pets (Level A)

Dinner Time at the Zoo (Level A)

My School (Level A)

Reading Partners (Level A)

Jack and Daisy Dress Up (Level B)

Clarence the Dragon (Level B)

I Like to Read (Level B)

Where Is the Cat? (Level B)

New Boots for Quack (Level B)

Hard and Soft (Level B)

Quack the Duck’s Family (Level B)

Look at Pickles (Level B)

Playtime for Jack and Daisy (Level B)

Pets (Level B)

What Can Swim? (Level B)

Gabby Visits Buster (Level B)

My House (Level C)

Me and My Dog (Level C)

Bella and Rosie Love Spring (Level C)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Level C)

Look Out for Little Knight (Level C)

Puppy Play (Level C)

Playtime (Level C)

Wake Up, Fairy (Level C)

Looking for Dinner (Level C)

The Bike Ride (Level C)

Hungry Baby Robins (Level C)

A Snack for Bella (Level C)

Gabby Is Hungry (Level C)

A Hungry Knight (Level C)

Oliver Is Hungry (Level C)

Jack and the Ball (Level D)

Porcupines (Level D)

Oliver Plays Ball (Level D)

Where Is Peanut? (Level D)

Super Dog (Level D)

Beautiful Animals (Level D)

The Missing Glasses (Level D)

Five Little Dogs (Level D)

Matt Drives the Car (Level D)

The Mitten (Level D)

The Grasshopper and the Ant (Level D)

Rusty Helps Out (Level D)

Trick-or-Treating (Level D)

Dolphins (Level D)

Quack the Hero (Level D)

Haircuts for Bella and Rosie (Level E)

A Rainy Day for Quack (Level E)

A Naughty Rabbit (Level E)

Best Friends (Level E)

Rusty Goes Fishing (Level E)

The Little Red Hen (Level E)

Pickles Goes to School (Level E)

Animal Homes (Level E)

Little Knight to the Rescue (Level E)

Gilbert the Pig Goes on a Diet (Level E)

How Plants Grow (Level E)

Quack and the Big Fish (Level E)

Surprise Party (Level F)

Oliver Makes a Mess (Level F)

Flying Lessons (Level F)

Brandon’s New School (Level F)

Bananas for Little Monkey (Level F)

Blast Off (Level F)

Rusty’s Missing Beep (Level F)

The Lion and the Mouse (Level F)

Chicken Little (Level F)

Help for Lion (Level F)

A Playmate for Jack (Level F)

A Shark at the Beach (Level F)

George’s Story (Level G)

A Snow Day for Rusty (Level G)

The Great Big Enormous Turnip (Level G)

The Space Shuttle (Level G)

Wait for Me (Level G)

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Level G)

A Backpack Surprise (Level G)

Quack and the Race (Level G)

Skunks (Level G)

Brave and Clever Mice (Level G)

Baby Animals of the Forest (Level G)

Bedtime for Porcupine (Level G)

Glasses for Nutmeg (Level H)

Jasper and the Cheese (Level H)

The Teeny Tiny Woman (Level H)

Mr. Naughty Is Missing (Level H)

Turtles (Level H)

Quack and the Eggs (Level H)

Marvin Plays a Trick (Level H)

The Big Flood (Level H)

Little Knight and the Flood (Level H)

The Three Little Pigs (Level H)

Working Dogs (Level H)

Rusty’s Big Move (Level H)

The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Level I)

Rusty Learns a New Word (Level I)

Animals at School (Level I)

Hunting Squirrels (Level I)

The Thorn (Level I)

Dinnertime (Level I)

The Pirate Treasure (Level I)

All About Beetles (Level I)

The Broken Wing (Level I)

Pickles and the Hole (Level I)

Crocodiles (Level I)

Princess Pig and the Necklace (Level I)

A Friend for Jasper (Level J)

Kangaroos (Level J)

The Contest (Level J)

A Puppy Named Boss (Level J)

Puerto Rico (Level J)

Fun for Pickles (Level J)

Marine Mammals (Level J)

The Fisherman and the Golden Fish (Level J)

All About Ants (Level J)

What’s Wrong with Gilbert? (Level J)

Porcupine’s Kite (Level J)

Henry and Little Knight (Level J)

Little Knight Runs Away (Level K)

Ice Skates for Quack (Level K)

Ricky and Buster (Level K)

Henry Ford (Level K)

A Gentle Pony for Peter (Level K)

Cookies for Clarence (Level K)

Jellyfish: Mysterious Creatures from the Sea (Level K)

Brer Rabbit and the Moon: A Southern American Folk Tale (Level K)

Who’s the Boss? (Level K)

The Frog Prince (Level K)

Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime (Level K)

The Magic Hat (Level K)

Ricky’s Homework (Level L)

The Monkey and the Crocodile (Level L)

Helen Keller (Level L)

Little Knight and the Kitten (Level L)

Water (Level L)

The Pigeons and the Crow (Level L)

John Henry (Level L)

A Mother Dog and Her Puppies (Level L)

Porcupine’s First Day of School (Level L)

Guinea Pigs (Level L)

Am I a Dragon? (Level L)

Space Monster Saves the Day (Level L)

Quack and the Petting Zoo (Level M)

Puss ’n Boots (Level M)

Lion’s Birthday (Level M)

Buster Goes to the Library (Level M)

Bats (Level M)

A Super Smart Bird (Level M)

The Elephant Orphanage (Level M)

Babysitting Marvin’s Sister (Level M)

Elephants (Level M)

Oliver and the Bird Feeder (Level M)

Johnny Appleseed (Level M)

Pecos Bill (Level M)

Stone Soda Bread (Level N)

Odin’s Firefly Goodbye (Level N)

Trap-Door Spiders (Level N)

Friend Spider (Level N)

Moving West (Level N)

Ring of Fire (Level N)

Mayuko’s Butterfly Haiku (Level N)

Monarch Journey (Level N)

Solar Energy (Level N)

Calamity Jane and the Wild Horse Race (Level N)

Chasing the Storm (Level N)

Storm Chaser (Level N)


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