Books contained in the Literacy Footprints Kindergarten Kit

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Now I Know My ABCs

At the Aquarium (Level A)

Birthday Time (Level A)

Busy Clarence (Level A)

Clarence's House (Level A)

Dad is at Work (Level A)

Daisy the Pirate (Level A)

Dinner Time for Bella and Rosie (Level A)

Dogs Having Fun (Level A)

Dragon Toys (Level A)

Everything Orange (Level A)

Farm Animals (Level A)

Flying with Super Sam (Level A)

Fun at School (Level A)

Going Places (Level A)

Going Up with Super Sam (Level A)

I Can Do It (Level A)

Jaxson's Animals (Level A)

Landforms (Level A)

Let's Go with Super Sam (Level A)

Look Who's Reading (Level A)

Marvin Has Fun (Level A)

Oliver Can Paint (Level A)

Oliver's Favorite Things (Level A)

Parts of a Plant (Level A)

Ready to Trick-or-Treat (Level A)

Rosie Likes Pink (Level A)

Rosie's Pink Friends (Level A)

Run (Level A)

Super Sam (Level A)

Super Sam's Family (Level A)

Swimming Together (Level A)

Underwater (Level A)

We Like Sunglasses (Level A)

What Can Climb? (Level A)

What Can Fly? (Level A)

What's the Weather Today? (Level A)

Animal Tails (Level B)

A Snack for Gilbert (Level B)

A Sweater for Oliver (Level B)

Beach Time for Clarence (Level B)

Bella's Busy Day (Level B)

Camouflage (Level B)

Clarence is Flying (Level B)

How Do We Get There? (Level B)

Look Up (Level B)

Lovely Flowers (Level B)

Marvin's Friends (Level B)

Playing Together (Level B)

Reading Buddies (Level B)

Switzerland (Level B)

The Bus Ride (Level B)

We Like Hats (Level B)

Baseball (Level C)

Bella and Rosie at the Beach (Level C)

Bella's Birthday (Level C)

Dogs (Level C)

Emily's Babysitter (Level C)

I Can Fly (Level C)

In the Pond (Level C)

Let's Fly (Level C)

Look Out for Space Monster (Level C)

Look Out for the Lion (Level C)

Splashing Dad (Level C)

The Firefighter (Level C)

The Little Red Hen (Level C)

The Rain Forest (Level C)

The Van (Level C)

What's for Dinner (Level C)

Animal Tricks (Level D)

Bella and Rosie Play Hide and Seek (Level D)

Cat Naps with Oliver (Level D)

Catching Fireflies (Level D)

Firefighters to the Rescue (Level D)

Grandma's House (Level D)

Grizzly Bears (Level D)

Helicopters (Level D)

Hide and Seek with Oliver (Level D)

Kittens (Level D)

Spaceboy Plays Hide and Seek (Level D)

Swimming with Mermaids (Level D)

The Goats (Level D)

The Lost Bear (Level D)

The Monarch Butterfly (Level D)

Where is Mother Duck? (Level D)

A Picnic Lunch (Level E)

Dogs or Cats? (Level E)

Fun at the Beach (Level E)

Going Fishing (Level E)

Horseback Riding (Level E)

Party Clothes (Level E)

Play With Me (Level E)

Rosie is Cold (Level E)

The Lost Money (Level E)

Where is Santa? (Level E)

A Job for Little Elf (Level F)

Emily Can't Sleep (Level F)

Puppies (Level F)

Quack's Red Boots (Level F)

The Sledding Adventure (Level F)


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