Books contained in the Literacy Footprints Third Grade Kit

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A New Dog (Level L)

A Playdate with Tucker (Level L)

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (Level L)

Alone at Home (Level L)

City Cousin (Level L)

Cricket the Dog (Level L)

Henry's Ghost / Bird Feathers (Level L)

Ice Hockey (Level L)

The Ice Rink (Level L)

A New Leader for the Troop (Level M)

Anna Helps Out (Level M)

Gorillas (Level M)

Gymnastics (Level M)

Mrs. Warren's House / Bird Beaks (Level M)

Saving the Baby Turtles (Level M)

The Bedouin Boy (Level M)

The Emperor's New Clothes (Level M)

The Lion and the Hare, an Old Fable from Ancient China (Level M)

Brer Rabbit and the Well (Level N)

Curious Cats (Level N)

Flight of the Spy Pigeon (Level N)

Magnificent Manatees (Level N)

Snow Cats (Level N)

Stars and Constellations (Level N)

The Big Rescue (Level N)

The Rescue of Dindim the Penguin (Level N)

Trains (Level N)

William and the Train Ride (Level N)

A Secret Message (Level O)

All About Koalas (Level O)

Expedition to the Moon (Level O)

How Did You Hear That? (Level O)

Landforms Around the World (Level O)

Newborn Kits (Level O)

Reuse and Recycle (Level O)

The Dive (Level O)

The Great Horned Owl Rescue (Level O)

Triathlon (Level O)

Yeh-Shen, a Chinese Cinderella Story (Level O)

A Present for Granny / Bird Nests (Level P)

A World of Spies (Level P)

Anna's Prize (Level P)

Fishing for Jacks (Level P)

How Magnets Work (Level P)

Pearl Diving (Level P)

School for Spies (Level P)

The Mail (Level P)

The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Level P)

Under the Sea (Level P)

Amphibians: Creatures of Land and Water (Level Q)

Dragon Eye (Level Q)

Flying Spies (Level Q)

How Coyote Brought Fire to the People (Level Q)

Paco Saves the Day (Level Q)

Rattlesnakes: The Snakes with the Noisy Tails (Level Q)

The Pink Pearl (Level Q)

Two Toes / Bird Feet (Level Q)

Volcanoes (Level Q)


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