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Featured Book Character

Bella & Rosie

Our famous fluffy pups. Bella and Rosie, have many adventures in their books that students (and teachers) find hard to resist! Bella is bold, adventurous, brave, and sometimes likes to ask for forgiveness, not permission. Rosie is cautious, observant, thoughtful, and likes to better be safe than sorry.

Both Bella and Rosie are easy characters to connect with throughout their adventures. Their conversations personify the myriad of personalities in any classroom. Readers identify and relate strongly with Bella and Rosie as they work through decisions that may be close to their own human perspectives—from not wanting to get haircuts, a vacation at the beach, or bonding over a troublesome puppy! They both have strong, multi-faceted character consistency, learning, and growth and are just plain fun to adventure with—at all reading levels!

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few letters that we’ve received from awesome readers:

Dear Bella and Rosie, I like reading your stories. My favorite stories are Playing Together and Come Here Puppy. I love you Rosie and Bella. Sincerely, Cheyenne

Dear Bella, You are my favorite dog in [the] Rosie and Bella books. You are always solving problems. Where do you live? Love, Ava

Dear Mrs. Dufresne, I just got done reading Haircuts for Bella and Rosie. It was funny when Bella said we look so silly! My name is Isaiah. I read with Ms. Roulliard. I am good at writing, will you write back to me? - Isaiah