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Digital Reader Login Subscription Info

The Digital Reader provides a digital classroom that aligns with the literacy footprints complete system of guided reading.

The Digital Reader provides a digital classroom that aligns with the Literacy Footprints complete system of guided reading.

  • Access to more than 1,000 leveled readers, ranging from Levels A–Z
  • Remote-instruction lesson plans based on Literacy Footprints and The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading
  • Easy-to-upload student accounts within a school and/or classroom account
  • Student access to level-appropriate reading materials
  • Option to link with Google single sign-on (SSO) for streamlined student access
  • Teacher and administrator access to data with reading logs for each student
  • Easy-to-organize small groups within the digital classroom
  • Teacher-managed independent books, accessible for each student by level
  • Progress-monitoring running records for at least one title per level
  • Links with Pioneer Valley Books’ student data tracking system
  • Access to Literacy Footprints Guided Reading Assessment with each teacher license

The Digital Reader is an annual subscription. It does not automatically renew.

Pioneer Valley Books is a signatory on the Student Privacy Pledge for our Digital Reader privacy policy.

Reporting Center

Each dashboard includes a tab labeled Reporting Center—this is where you can create reports on student usage. (Note: The Reporting Center consolidates usage reports; for information about Assessment data, visit the Resource Center from your dashboard, and click on the Students tab.)

  • Reading Stats by Student for Each Teacher: From the teacher’s dashboard, this report allows you to isolate any date range and collect information about the students in your class to determine how many books students are reading, the number of assignments they’ve completed, the duration of time spent reading, and more.
  • Reading Stats for Administrators: From the District or School dashboard, admins are able to collect any of the following reports: Reading Stats by Student, by Classroom, by Grade Level, and by School. Each of these reports can be isolated by date range and will help admins evaluate the usage of the platform and support teachers in building reading success for their students.

Our software engineers are always looking at new reporting functionality, and we will continue to provide more options! As schools move into new and different models of instruction this spring, this information can be vital to understanding how students are accessing and using materials.

Zoom Feature

Use the digital magnifier to focus in on the text and increase the size of the digital books so that the font appears larger on the screen. Our teachers were reporting that as students moved up text levels, some were finding the print too small on their iPads, Chromebooks, or smaller laptops. This feature resolves that problem.

Follow these easy steps when you are in a book:

  • Look for the magnification tool in the upper-right corner.
  • Click on it to open up the tool.

Digital Reader Efficacy Study

A 2021 product evaluation conducted by McREL found that the Digital Reader demonstrated a small but positive impact on first grade students’ English Language Arts achievement. This study meets ESSA’s Tier 2 level of evidence standards.

The Digital Reader has made my virtual teaching so much better! My kids and I enjoy our virtual reading groups and they are making great progress. Thank you! —Rachel B.