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Word Study/Phonics Scope & Sequence

Scope & Sequence

Literacy Footprints Word Study/Phonics Scope & Sequence

This chart illustrates the progression of foundational phonics skills introduced in Literacy Footprints.

Level Targeted Phonics Skills Examples Sight Words
Beginner Steps
  • Letter names
  • Book handling skills
  • Learn to spell and read name
  • One-to-one matching
  • Directionality of print letter/word
  • Book handling skills
  • Initial and final consonants
  • Short a and o
can, man, ran
pot, not, dot
pan, pat, pad, pod
am, at, can, go, in, is, me, my, on, see, the, up, we
  • Short vowels (all)
  • Decode CVC words
bat, ten, sit, got, cut and, are, come, for, going, here, it, look, said, you
  • Initial and final digraphs
  • Endings: -s, -ed, -ing
chap, ship, thin
bath, much, mash
duck, luck
looks, shouted
away, down, looked, not, out, she, they, this, went, where, will, your
  • Initial blends
  • Simple compound words
brag, clap, grab, stop
into, forget
all, have, help, some, then, when, with
  • Final blends
sent, lump, just one, now, saw, want, was, what
  • Initial and final blends
  • Silent e
stamp, clasp, trunk
state, flute
after, began, don’t, good, great, made
  • Vowel teams
  • r-Controlled vowels
sleep, stool, meat
cart, dirt
because, know, little, next, small, very
  • Vowel teams
  • r-Controlled vowels
  • Compound words
groan, brain, stray
further, porch, charter
somewhere, baseball
many, right, there, why, would
  • Diphthongs, vowel teams
  • Simple prefixes and suffixes
stouter, clawing
batter, brightly, unhappy
  • More complex vowel teams, e-drop feature
  • Doubling feature
  • Multisyllabic words
floating, groaned, brainy
tripping, babies, biting
  • Affixes
  • Multisyllabic words
thoughtful, replenish