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With Jan Richardson and Michèle Dufresne

Guided reading is a flexible, responsive, and student-centered approach to instruction. Empower teachers and strengthen your guided reading implementation with professional learning provided by the Pioneer Valley Books consultant team. We can help your educators build support structures and learn to use planning tools that maximize the power of guided reading and ensure the success of students at any grade level. With a wealth of experience, we can build on your teachers’ strengths, model, co-teach, coach, and introduce new expertise that will connect educators to powerful literacy instruction.

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Nov 4, 2021, 4pm EST

We learned about the amazing research on the ABC tracing book technique at the [Literacy Footprints] Institute. Our school was enthusiastic to try it out. After only two weeks, our results have been astonishing! —Amy Ferris and Kim Scott, Madison Kindergarten Academy; Richmond, Kentucky

Guided writing is a
part of every Literacy
Footprints lesson.

It provides a supported
opportunity for students to
gain additional experience
writing about text.