Second Grade Kit

Lessons for Levels F–N

The Literacy Footprints Second Grade Kit provides teachers with 91 different titles (6 copies of each) designed to support small-group literacy instruction. Authentic, original leveled text, lesson plans, and materials are designed to foster and expand students’ literacy processing skills. The Literacy Footprints Guided Reading System was developed by Jan Richardson and Michèle Dufresne and is a powerful part of a comprehensive literacy solution for today’s culturally diverse classrooms.

McREL Study Finds Literacy Footprints Meets Criteria for Tier 1 (Strong Evidence) under ESSA [PDF]

Study Shows Students Using Literacy Footprints Performed Better on End-of-Year i-Ready Diagnostic Reading Assessments [PDF]

Second Grade Kit Single Student

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Includes 1 copy of each book


Second Grade Kit Single Student Includes:


Literacy Footprints is a Guided Reading system designed for classroom teachers, intervention, ELL, Special Education teachers, and support staff who are teaching children to read and write. Each of the guided reading kits contains sequenced, high-quality leveled texts in a variety of genres. Students will encounter traditional tales, realistic fiction, fantasy, and informational text. The lesson cards that accompany the books follow Jan Richardson’s Next Step lesson format (Richardson, 2009 and 2016). Each lesson includes word study and phonics instruction based on The Next Step Forward in Word Study (Dufresne and Richardson 2019). Each guided reading kit also includes component materials designed by Jan Richardson and Michèle Dufresne to consistently support teachers throughout the lessons.

Click the Level below to see the list of titles in this kit.

Kit Titles Per Level

Number of titles



F - N

6 13 10 10 10 11 11 13 7

Level F

A Trip to the Beach


Lemonade for Gilbert

Super Sam and Scout

Super Sam and the Kitten

The Super Dog Club

Level G

Gabby Runs Away

Garbage to Garden

In the Desert

Michael and the Chicks

Pickles Gets Lost

Puppies for Rosie


Super Sam and the Bullies

The Big Wave

The Sand Castle

The Sleepover

The Snowstorm

Tucker the Lost Puppy

Level H

Bella is a Bad Dog

Gilbert the Special Pig

Hatching Chicks

Help for Rosie

In the Rain Forest

Little Dinosaur’s Skateboard

Sea Horses

The Dog Cookie

The Milkmaid and Her Pail

The Ocean

Level I

Amazing Lizards

George Washington

Goodbye Gabby

Ice Cream for Jack and Daisy

Jack and the Fox

Jasper and the Kitten

More Trouble


The New House

Tidbit and Morsel Play Games

Level J

A Wild Animal

Abraham Lincoln

Baby Stegosaurus


Goldie and the Fawn

Hungry Holidays for Bella and Rosie

On the Arctic Tundra


The Deer Report

The Fawn

Level K

A World of Worms

All About Deer

Caring for Your Dog

Casey and the Nest


Jane Goodall

Life in a Tide Pool


The Mother Goose Caper

The New Chicks


Level L

Beauty and the Beast

Big Machines

Extreme Sports

Dirty and Wet Dogs

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Penguins: Flightless Birds of the Sea

Quack and the Worm

Sleeping Beauty

The Big Game

The Camping Trip

The Bird Rescue

Level M

The Bubble Gum Contest

All About Honeybees

Bella and Rosie Solve a Mystery



Harriet Tubman

Hurricane Katrina Dogs

Pete Penguin and the Bullies

Polar Bears

Pulleys: Simple Machines in Our World

The Halloween Caper

The Road Trip

The Space Zoo

Level N

Oki and the Polar Bear

Runaway Slave

A Friend for Mia

Bella’s Big Adventure

Daisy and the Super Dog Cape

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Cave at Rattlesnake Mountain

Lesson Cards

  • Accompany each book.
  • Our lesson plans are designed to support teachers in providing dynamic small-group instruction that engages students in reading, writing, and word study/phonics. Each component of the lesson supports students in developing strong reading, writing, and decoding skills, while building vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

Our Books

  • High-quality award-winning fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of genres
  • Rigorously sequenced and leveled to provide gradually increasing text complexity that builds reading proficiency
  • Supportive photography and illustrations
  • Characters and topics that reflect the diversity of our world

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