Intervention Partner Kit

The Literacy Footprints Guided Reading System leads teachers through the process of planning a powerful Guided Reading lesson

Intervention Partner Kit (Intervention Size)

Includes 4 copies of each book


Price: $4,900.00

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Intervention Partner Kit (Single Student)

Includes 1 copy of each book


Price: $850.00

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Intervention Partner Kit Description:

Literacy Footprints is a Guided Reading system designed for classroom teachers, intervention, ELL, Special Education teachers, and support staff who are teaching children to read and write. Each of the kits (kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth/sixth grade, and the Intervention Partner) contains sequenced, high-quality leveled texts in a variety of genres. Students will encounter traditional tales, realistic fiction, fantasy, and informational text. The lesson cards that accompany the books follow Jan Richardson’s “Next Step” lesson format (Richardson, 2009 and 2016.) Each lesson includes word study and phonics instruction based on The Next Step Forward in Word Study (Dufresne and Richardson 2019). Each kit also includes component materials designed by Jan Richardson and Michèle Dufresne to consistently support teachers throughout the lessons.

Intervention Partner Kit (Intervention Size) Includes:

Intervention Partner Kit (Single Student) Includes:

  • 1 copy each of 186 Titles
  • Book labels for all titles
  • Does not include lesson plans, teaching guide or any other additional components

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