Intervention Partner Kit

The Literacy Footprints Guided Reading System leads teachers through the process of planning a powerful Guided Reading lesson

Intervention Partner Kit (Intervention Size)

Includes 4 copies of each book


Price: $4,900.00

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Intervention Partner Kit (Single Student)

Includes 1 copy of each book


Price: $850.00

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Intervention Partner Kit Description:

Literacy Footprints Intervention Partner is designed to work independently or alongside the guided reading classroom kits for grades K-6. The Intervention Partner Kit includes 186 titles ranging in level from A-N. The titles in this kit are not included in the grade level kits. The kit also includes 4 copies of each book as a take home version, 12 student tubs, 12 book bags, a teaching guide, lesson cards and many additional teaching resources.

Intervention Partner Kit (Intervention Size) Includes:

Intervention Partner Kit (Single Student) Includes:

  • 1 copy each of 186 Titles
  • Book labels for all titles
  • Does not include lesson plans, teaching guide or any other additional components

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